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Atomic swap

Decentralized mechanism to exchange Bitcoin for BitClout. Removes the need for a central intermediary such as an exchange.

Automated Market Maker (AMM)

A decentralized exchange where you trade with a robot (smart contract) instead of with other people.


A new type of social network that lets you speculate, on people and posts, with real money. The BitClout blockchain has its own native cryptocurrency, called BitClout.

Block explorer

An application enabling a user to view details of blocks on a given blockchain. Also known as a blockchain browser. On the BitClout block explorer, you can look up transaction data based on BitClout transaction ID, public key, block hash, or block height. 


A decentralized network of computers (nodes) recording data in an immutable manner. 

Bonding curve

A mathematical curve (formula) that determines the relation between the token price and token supply. See also supply curve.


Seemingly compelling content, to attract attention and encourage Clouters to reclout, follow or engage otherwise.

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Credits for this term go to BitClout-user @aikon


A set of posts, followers, and creator coin balances linked to a unique profile. Profile "clouts" can be moved to any domain that runs a BitClout node.

Coin price

Price of a creator coin. Price goes up if people buy the coin. Price goes down if people sell the coin


Adding your comment to the post (or comments) of other users.

Consensus mechanism

Mechanism between participants (nodes) in a blockchain to agree upon the next block of transactions to be added to the chain

Creator Coin

Each user profile on the BitClout platform is associated with a unique coin, the Creator Coin. This is a new investment category where investments are not made in a commodity or a company, but in a person.




A person who likes to explore the unknown galaxies of the cryptocurrency universe. 


People that follow one or multiple BitClout profiles.


Fear Of Missing Out.Like a Law of gravitation that keeps you on BitClout ;-)

Founder Reward (FR)

Percentage of created (bought) coins that go to the wallet of the creator rather than the wallet of the buyer. A profile owner can set and change this percentage. BitClout's whitepaper suggests 10% as a "sane default".


Your social media handle is your public name associated with your accounts on all of your social media platforms. It will help you strengthen your personal brand in front of your audience and followers.


A person who follows the HODL strategy. HODL stands for Hold on for Dear life. A HODLer invests with a view to the long term. They ignore the highs and lows, trusting that they will make a lot of money in the long run.

Locked in User Profile (USD)

The current USD value invested in a unique User Profile.

Lu1s riddle

A riddle that caused great excitement in the BitClout community. The riddle was introduced by a profile called Lu1s. BitClout members are challenged to contribute to revealing a 12-word seed phrase. Once known the next of this riddle will be opened to the community. Final rewards are not known yet.


Memes spread via Social Media networks. They typically contain both pictures and text and convey jokes, ideas, opinions, or other elements that the creator wanted to share. Memes are truly multi-faceted and contain a lot of cultural and symbolic elements. 


Minting refers to the process by which new coins are being created.


A computer in the BitClout blockchain that serves the BitClout content and maintains the network. All nodes store a full copy of the data.

Pity Clout

Purchases in the form of Creator Coins, out of either empathy, compassion, or remorse.

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Credits for this term go to BitClout-user @aikon


A means to share a message on the BitClout platform. A message contains max. 280 characters and 1 picture.


An outline or description of creators on the BitClout platform that contains posts, creators coin, and necessary Information.

Proof of Work (PoW)

Consensus mechanism of BitClout's  blockchain


Reclouting a post while including a comment.

Reclout (RC)

Sharing a post created by another user (profile). Without adding comments.

Reclout chaser

A person who is overly focused on getting a lot of reclouts of his posts. A creator focuses on excellent content and may get a lot of post reclouts because of that. A reclout chaser is just merely interested in that result.

Reserved profiles

Pre-loaded profiles that have not been verified by the owner yet. Indicated by a clock icon next to their name.


Dumping your own Creator Coin if the price goes up quickly. The money you earn by such a move will be at the expense of those supporters that also bought your coin because dumping your coin will decrease the price and the value of their investment. It may ruin your reputation if you do so. A recent list of BitClout rug-pulls can be found here.

Seed phrase

A seed phrase is a list of 12 random words generated upon the creation of a user profile. You must store your seed phrase at all times, because you need it to access your profile and hence your funds. 

Supply curve

The formula to determine the price of a Creator Coin: Price in BitClout = .003 * creator_coins_in_circulation^2.

Token holders

People that purchased one or multiple Creator Coins




Followers or BitClout members that buy and sell Creator Coins on the platform.