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$clout has been around for a while now, and it is still one of the most popular social media platforms. 

  • With over 2 billion people using it every month, it will not go away anytime soon. 
  • However, $clout's popularity has led to some exciting results in terms of volatility. For example, after announcing their new algorithm changes last year, their stock price fell by 36%. 

This fact is an example of how volatile this company can be right now.

What is $clout and how does it work?

$clout is a cryptocurrency that promises to be the "future of trading". It came into existence when Ethereum hard-forked into two separate chains, with one chain keeping it as ETH and another becoming $clout. 

The coin has not seen much in price increases since its launch in July 2017, but if you are interested in cryptocurrencies, you can become involved for free.

$clout works by using a proof of stake system; this means that all transactions are verified by nodes on the blockchain and then "stamped" onto it, making them immutable. 

The more $clout you hold in your wallet, the higher chance you have to mine the next block and receive its reward (25 tokens). However, you can configure nodes to only mine transactions from users who pay the required fee, so there is no need to hold $CLOUT to use clout.

When did $clout start?

It started as a small project and eventually became the cryptocurrency that we know today. Its initial coin offering (ICO) sold out within only 90 minutes of starting to sell tokens. After raising $30 million during its ICO, $clout has grown significantly since becoming available on exchanges.

How did $clout gain popularity?

$clout started gaining popularity in December 2017 after being added to KuCoin, a global cryptocurrency exchange. Since then, the project has seen some development progress but not much else. 

It remains on Kucoin and is currently trading at around $0.50 with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Some have speculated that this initial rise in price may have been the work of pump and dump groups.

The volatility of $clout is high because it's so new and not widely accepted yet.

$clouts being new, its volatility is high because there's not enough data for it to stabilize. Its volatility increased because of the lacklustre updates from the team, causing the price to take a hit. It's not widely accepted yet, which means that fewer people are using it, and therefore there is not enough data on how its price will change. 

The lack of updates by the team leads to fear about what could happen with $clout in the future. However, as the popularity of $clout increases, its volatility will decrease over time.

As the demand for $clout rises amongst investors and traders alike, its value increases with fiat currencies like USD or GBP. As this happens, $clout's price becomes less volatile as it becomes more stable.

FAQs about $CLOUT

What Is $clout?

Clout is a cryptocurrency for the masses. Unlike many crypto assets, it's completely anonymous and untraceable. Sending or receiving Clouts has no transaction history attached to them, so you can't see where they've come from or gone to! And most importantly - sending clout costs next-to-no fees.

How do I get $clout?

$clout is available on various exchanges, but you can also purchase it directly through our website! Head over to the "Get Clouts" page and follow the instructions - it's as easy as sending ETH or BTC from your wallet! You can check out the prices on the markets below or purchase them directly from the website at Get Clouts.

What is the current price of $clout?

The current price, as well as all other market data, can be found at Coin Market Cap, where you'll find a more detailed breakdown of exchanges and pricing information. You can also keep up-to-date with our blog posts, social media updates and announcements.

How long will it take to receive $clout?

Once you've made your purchase, Clouts are sent directly from our team's hot/cold wallets; this means that once we send them, they appear instantly in your wallet - the only delay is dependent on the speed of the network and blockchain confirmation times.


Clout is a very volatile currency. However, whales haven't manipulated it to the extent that other currencies have and managed to retain its value even when the entire crypto market took a hit. Instead, they were making it useful as a store of value for those who believe in the future use cases offered by blockchain technology but don't want to keep their money easily accessible.


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